Defending Your Business Against Business Email Compromise

Recorded on October 18, 2023 | 1.5 CPE

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The two most common attack vectors that lead to Business Email Compromise (BEC) are Phishing Emails and Compromised Credentials. According to recent studies, an estimated 3.4 BILLION phishing emails are sent daily. Additionally, the average internet user has approximately 100 different passwords to remember, which often leads to credential reuse. Those are some heaving things working against the average user, especially regarding email account compromise.

Unfortunately, we've seen many organizations have their business email accounts compromised through credential reuse. Business Email Compromise (BEC) can lead to propagating further BEC attacks and a full-blown data breach and network compromise. In this session, we'll walk through a real-world case study of a BEC attack, how BEC can turn into full network compromise, and lessons you can leverage to prevent this attack from occurring in your organization.

CPE Credits

SBS 1.50

Learning Objectives

  • Real-World BEC Attack Example
  • Typical BEC Attack Walk-Through
  • How BEC Can Turn Into Full Network Compromise
  • What's in Your Email?
  • Top Controls to Mitigate BEC Risk


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Dylan Kreutzfeldt, CBSM, CBSTP, CBCM
Information Security Consultant - SBS CyberSecurity

Dylan joined the SBS team in 2015, holding IT audit and network security roles before transitioning into consulting. He received his Bachelor of Science in Network Security and Administration from Dakota State University. Dylan specializes in the implementation and governance of internal cyber controls. His highly technical skill set was also a driving force in championing the creation of SBS Cybersecurity's Office 365 testing program.


Cody Delzer, CISA
Information Security Consulting Manager - SBS CyberSecurity

Cody Delzer has a passion for helping organizations identify and understand cybersecurity risks to allow them to make better and more informed business decisions. Cody maintains his CISA certification and has a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Network Security from Dakota State University, a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education designated by the NSA. Since 2011, Cody has assisted financial institutions and other private industry organizations across the United States, focusing on IT and IT security, systems operations, and information assurance.

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