Frequently Asked Questions


How much of the online certification is conducted online?

All lectures, quizzes, exams, supporting documents, and assignments are online. Some assignments have components the learner must complete on their system and upload when completed. Details about the hardware/software requirements are documented in the details of each certification.


What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee will cover each registrant's cost for the course materials, the initial exam, and certification status for the first year.


Why does each certification have a start and end date?

A start and end date helps streamline the instructors' and the learners’ course experience. The SBS Institute does understand that course dates may not always align well with the learner’s schedule. Should the course start dates not be convenient, the learner may register for an on-demand version, available from the "additional training dates" tab on each course.


If I miss the start date for a certification, can I still register?

Yes, you can register for an on-demand certification course. On the certification course page, click on the "additional training dates" tab. Should you need further assistance, contact our support team at or (605)269-0909.


What happens if I do not pass the exam?

If you do not pass the exam, you will not receive the credentials associated with the course. You can retake the exam for a $150.00 fee.


What are the end dates for the certification courses?

The end date will be ten weeks from the exact date the course begins. The course expiration time and end date will show when you begin the course and as you progress. Email reminders are also sent to the learner.


Are the lectures presented at set dates/times?

Lectures are pre-recorded, so you may view them at any time, but the course does have a start/stop date with a final exam at the conclusion and assignments required throughout. The course, the final exam, and any exam retakes must be completed within 10 weeks. Should you need further assistance, contact our support team at or (605)269-0909.


Who endorses the certification program?

The SBS Institute follows a similar model to those used by ISC2, SANS, and ISACA, where we are responsible for creating and distributing the certification programs and do not have an outside organization endorse the certification.


What feedback have regulators provided?

In general, regulators are not able to officially promote specific programs. They do, however, expect financial institutions to ensure employees are adequately trained to complete their assigned responsibilities. Certifications provide a reasonable assurance that an individual has adequate skills and knowledge in a particular area. Many great certification options exist, but most do not tailor their material to community banks. Unofficial comments and feedback from regulators have been positive.


Can I cancel my course and receive a refund?

For inquiries regarding cancellations, please contact the SBS Institute at (605)269-0909 or


Can I transfer my course to someone else?

For inquiries regarding course transfers, please contact the SBS Institute at (605)269-0909 or


What are the requirements to maintain my certification?

The learner must renew his or her certification annually to maintain certified status. The annual fees are $295 per year for the first certification obtained. Each additional certification will be an add-on of $100 per certification per year. Maintaining your certification also gives you membership status with all the benefits thereof.

Students must obtain four (4) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits annually relating to information security, cybersecurity, or information technology. Valid CPE credits may include but are not limited to webinars, seminars, conferences, or additional certifications. CPE credits can be obtained through banking associations, SBS CyberSecurity, the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, WI, or any reputable education source. To receive credit, students must submit materials to the SBS Institute via the “CPE Credits” submission section on If a student holds multiple certifications, they may use CPE credits for multiple certifications as long as the education pertains to that certification.


How do I submit CPE credits?

To submit CPE credits, follow the below instructions:

1.      Visit

2.      Click on the Submit CPEs tab.

3.      Follow the online instructions.

To learn more about how to submit CPE credits, please get in touch with the SBS Institute at or (605)269-0909.


How do I know how many CPE credits I have?

1.      Visit

2.      Click My Content from the User Menu.

3.      You will be able to see any CPEs in progress and your overall CPE history